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2021 Update: Has Terminated /Stopped, Links point to a link rotator now and article is just for reference.

16 July 2011

Real Viral Traffic at!

vTrafficRush is banner advertising the viral way. It works really simple.

The idea is that you build a downline of free and/or paid members. Your banner will be seen by your downline, up to 6 levels deep for paid members and 1 level deep for free members.

But not only that, everybody that joins your downline *must* click on your banner so that your linked website pops up. It will be shown for at least 10 seconds.

This guarantees that your website is being viewed!

Every member (free or paid) receives a webpage with 6 banners on it. Your banner will be on the top of it. Whenever someone signs up under you they get a similar page to yours, except your banner is pushed down to the second spot and your referrals banner will be placed on top. The 6th banner on your page is being pushed off and will not appear on your referrals page.

Simple and effective!

There are two types of membership

  1. Free member. This will allow you place 1 banner. How many times your banner will be seen depends on the size of your downline.
  2. Pro member. This will normally cost you $30 but if you upgrade within 5 days they only charge you $10, payable by AlertPay or PayPal. Pro members can place 5 banners, earn more commissions, get their website viewed longer and... most importantly .. they can access the Viral Pool (see below)!

Here is an overview of what you get when you sign up as a Free member vs Pro member.

vTrafficRush Viral Pool Free member vs Pro member


The Viral Pool

This feature is worth mentioning. It is obvious that most of the people don't have a 6 level deep downline. As with every program most people also sign up for free and they get to show their banner only on 1 downline level. That leaves 4 open spots in this members 6 levels deep matrix. Company wide this involves a lot of empty slots.
If you participate in the viral pool your banners, and  that of the other viral pool members, are used to fill up those empty slots. It costs only $20 to enter the viral pool for a month (30 Days).

At time of this writing there are a little over 5,848 members with 1,303,146 unique visitors and only 214 of them signed up for the viral pool. Those 214 people only entered 909 banners. These 214 members share over 1 million banner views, each and every day!

Things are about to get hotter at, and all
the more reason why you should be in playing in the Viral Pool!
The Viral Grid is now live! What is it? A place where I am 
giving away money. Yeah you heard that right, in fact you
can win up to $5 instantly credited to your account!
Free members get 10 free daily chances to win money, and pro
members 25. It is very simple! Just click a spot on the grid,
a new window will open where you will view a site from the
Viral Pool for 10 seconds. When the timer ends, you will
instantly know if you are a winner!
This is a great reason to get in the Viral Pool or jump in again!
All sites viewed, and all banners being showing when sites are
being viewed, all come from the Viral Pool!
Come back every day for more free daily chances at up to $5!
If you still haven't joined this program, you really should
folks. We've been promoting this since we first discovered
this site and it has served us well with commissions and new
sign ups to the programs we promote there.

This is a no brainer for the banner advertisers; get in asap and secure your spot!

I'd appreciate it if you signed up using my sponsor link. Thank you!

2021 Update: Has Terminated /Stopped, Links point to a link rotator now and article is just for reference.

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